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Headbands for Masks

A few weeks ago I decided to make a couple of headbands for friends in the medical field, one works within a hospital, the other is a nurse in a long term care home. Little did I know that a simple post would be met with such huge demand on my Facebook page . So far, I estimate that I’ve donated at least 200 headbands. It’s an achievement that I owe to both family & friends. My kidlets helped in some of the assembly & many friends have helped out with buttons & elastic & even some funds to help cover some costs, as I used up a great deal of my own personal stash of buttons, elastic, cotton material & interfacing throughout the whole process. I am currently awaiting another (rather expensive) order of elastic in the post.

The order of 60 headbands for a department at CHEO  (pictured above) was one that I was especially proud to have had enough materials to supply.

For those that are interested in the pattern that I used, it can be found here on Happy Together By Jess, she has since edited her post to add information about buttons but it wasn’t at that stage when I borrowed the pattern.

I have a tendency NOT to read instructions & make it up as I go. If you are looking to make some, here are my own comments, after I finally read through the pattern instructions;

After some trial & error on button placement, as well as some feedback from those actually using them, I wouldn’t suggest having them where Jess suggests. I measured 1.5″ up & then sewed the buttons on from there. The buttons should not be less than 1.5 cm in diameter, larger is obviously better.

I would also highly recommend using interfacing to reinforce the headbands which will increase their longevity & is especially important when sewing buttons onto the headbands. A normal headband perhaps wouldn’t require so much stability (there is no mention of it in the original pattern).

The 3/4″ elastic was much easier to add in, than the 1″, but either work fine. A normal headband wouldn’t require so much stability. I didn’t encase the elastic, as it just seemed  superfluous to the whole project.

If you are buying elastic, you want to get the highest quality possible, tightly woven. I know it’s in short supply though currently, so that might not be possible. 

Feedback so far has been amazing for these, with many of pictures of smiling faces being shared & confirmation that they hold up well to being washed at high temperatures.