Scrappie Critter Couple


Made to be uniquely imperfect. If you like me adopt me, as there will be no other. I’m unique, just like you.

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Scrappie critters are made to be uniquely imperfect. They make use of pieces of “scraps” from larger projects. You will never find two exact copies, because of the use of scraps & the fact that there are no exact copies of any of us either.

Both scrappie critters, are “travel sized”, the perfect size to pop into your bag or large pocket & take on adventures. They stand at 15cm in height x 9.5cm wide x 4.5cms thick each (measurements are approx). This cute little couple is $60 for the set. They are comprised of a mixture of natural & man made fabrics, including silk, cotton and polyester blended fibers, for the outer materials, they are filled with new polyfil as per TSSA standards

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