10 legged taggie (green & pink)


This little crab inspired, “travel sized” scrappie critter, is up for adoption.

Scrappie Critters are made to be uniquely imperfect. If you like me adopt me, as there will be no other. I’m unique, just like you.

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This little taggie”travel sized” scrappie critter  is looking for a new home, will it be with you? It’s the perfect size to pop into your bag or large pocket & take on adventures.

Scrappie critters are made to be uniquely imperfect. Their differences are celebrated, just as they should be in all of us. Scrappies are made with pieces of “scraps” from larger projects,  you will never find two exact copies, because of this. Scrappies are typically un-named & remain that way until they are adopted.

This scrappie critter has a length of 15cms , a width of 9 cms &  is stuffed with polyfil to a depth of 5cms. All measurements are excluding taggies. All taggies are roughly 7cms in length (folded measurement)

This scrappie is comprised of a mixture of man made & natural fibres. Filled with new polyfil.

I recommend wiping with a  damp cloth, but if you have kids like me, you know that cleaning with a damp cloth is often not enough.
When I have washed ours, we wash gentle wash & dry on low (or air dry).

10 legged taggie
10 legged taggie with pink fuzzy back







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