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Scrappie Critters are online

So after purchasing the domain for my scrappie critters page & letting it sit for an extended period of time, I finally set up the site. is LIVE. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s up.

I will likely only sell from this page, once I fork over more cash to get that happening again. In the interim people can still contact me about items. To be honest, last time I had the bones of online purchasing sorted, but the reality that I needed to put up so many individual items, meant other things took precedence for my time, likely history will repeat.

Well, back to it….

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Back again

It seems I am forever posting updates to say “I’m back” after a long hiatus, but hopefully I actually can follow through & be back now that I have a solution in place to access a computer after mine died. I have been reliant on my phone only to access the internet, so this site was cast aside for a time. I also managed to find the little piece of paper that I scribbled my username & password for this page onto as well. I like to write important information on random bits of paper in way that not only would it be confusing for others, but that I can’t even make sense of it.

This past year plus has definitely been busy, even if I haven’t been very present here. I am embracing both my artistic side & the philanthropist within. I have also embraced the idea that saying no to projects that don’t spark joy in me, is ok. Just because I can make something, doesn’t mean I should sell my soul to do so. Making others happy at my own expense isn’t a good thing.

I have yet to workout what I will do with the look of this site, several have asked for me to create an online store, or at least a place where they can view the items that I make, so I may go back to doing something like that. However, if I do, do an online store, I want something with as little overhead as possible, because that just adds stress & I feel my creativity suffers. I also have no interest in churning out hundreds of items for the sake of it, in the hope that someone might buy it & it slowly sucking away my will to live because now I am stuck with all this STUFF. It’s all a balancing act really.

With my site design focusing around the idea of a blog, I like the idea of using some of this space to write about what interests me creatively too, something is separate from my personal page. I’m interested in a wide array of subjects & they all feed into my creative process.

Oh well, back to re-acquainting myself with the layout of the site & getting back into the swing of it. 🙂

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Some of you that are on my Facebook fan page or Facebook group already know about the competition that I have going at the moment, where you can win a $20 credit towards another purchase. Here are the details of that competition for anyone interested in joining in;

“Send in your fun pics of you or a family member with items made by twoemu creations for a chance to win a $20 credit towards another item.

Not redeemable for cash

If the winner is unable to pick up their item in person, then winner is responsible to pay for shipping/ postage of the item to them.

It is preferred that pictures are submitted via email to to be publicly uploaded on different social media platforms (by submitting via email, the image quality can be maintained at a suitable standard).

Please note, all images will be used in open public forums, for publicity purposes for twoemu creations.

This prize draw is in no way associated with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or any other social media forums.

The draw will remain open until May 31st at midnight. It will then be drawn at 5pm June 1st.

Good luck & thank-you for your participation.”

NOTE: There were two winners from this competition in 2017, which is now closed



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Welcome :)

Please watch this space for more information about what’s happening with twoemu creations.

Whilst I am finalising the setup of this web space, be sure to check out my Facebook , Instagram, Twitter & even Etsy (see the icons located on this page for direct links to all those spaces 🙂