I’m an Auntie

A few weeks back, I became an auntie, again. This time it was my youngest brother, who had his first child, miss M.

My other half’s brother has two kids, so this isn’t my first rodeo in terms of being an auntie, but there’s something also rather special when it’s your little brother having kids & this is his first. There are announcements online that he has made in public forums,ย one of which went viral with over 18k in likes. If you like hockey give my brother a follow too. He’s a fantastic writer & also does a weekly podcast.

My Brother is a DAD!

The great thing about being an auntie is that you can make all the stuff you wanted to make yours but, were too worn out to to do. So, little Miss M is going to be thoroughly spoilt. It’s a shame that with COVID I am unable to actually get these items to her in person, but maybe in several years time when I do finally get to see her, it will be more memorable? At any rate, I’m happy that the postal system exists.

Playmat for Miss M
Hungry Caterpillar, Flowers & Rainbows themed Playmat/ Blanket

So here’s a little sneak peak of the blanket/ playmat made. I used the Hungry Caterpillar themed cotton spotted fabric I have & some of my lovely smooth minky rainbow & flowers fabric to make this one. It’s just under 40โ€ณ square, so it’s a decent sized playmat/ blanket.

I had originally planned to have taggies all around this blanket, but because of it’s size & the fact that I wanted it to be multipurpose (both a colourful playmat & a blanket), I opted for a simpler design.

I look forward to seeing pictures of my little niece with it, I just have to be patient, because, for now it’s still on it’s journey over.


After fixing a recent issue with my site & then noticing how little I post on here, I have decided it’s time for a change.

In the past I’ve tried to be fairly selective with the creativity that I share, but then there are huge droughts in posts & what fun is that? I certainly create more than I am posting, so it’s time to share more of it & honestly, I like the idea of having the ability to look back on it. If others like it cool, if not, no worries.

There will likely be a few creative posts that crop up with the kidlets too. Now, that we are on the homeschooling journey (due to COVID) there’s a fair amount of my creative time that focuses around the kidlets, so there should be a good mix of creativity beyond my typical posts that focus around fibre arts.

So, welcome to this extended journey. I hope that you enjoy the ride. I know I will ๐Ÿ™‚