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Happy Mother’s Day

I think that my desire to create in part comes from my mother & my childhood. My mother is an artist.

I wish I could have seen her paint, she loved talking about it, but there was never enough time to do it, especially with the demands our family. I don’t think that it was something my father ever encouraged her to do either, which is a shame. I loved her drawings though, and have fond memories of watching her draw. Oh how she could draw.

One of my prized possessions is a painting by my mother. It was painted well before I was born & hangs on our wall. She originally gave it to her parents, and when my grandmother passed, my aunt set it aside for me. It has pride of place in our home.

One thing I regret, is that I never really got to tell my mother how talented I think she is, but I hope that she knows.

Happy Mother’s Day, thank you for everything that you taught me!

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