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May 4th

Most people associate May the 4th as Star Wars Day, but did you know that it is also the birthday of the real Alice? Alice Liddell was born on May 4th (1852). May 4th (1965) is also the day that Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland take place. Isn’t that cool?

As a HUGE Alice in Wonderland fan, I love today a lot. I have a modest collection of Alice in Wonderland themed items, including books of course, being that we are a family of bibliophiles. One of my favourites copies of Alice, is the book that I picked up in London earlier this year, which features the art of Salvador Dali in it. I was very fortunate to see his original artwork for the book in Wrocław, Poland, in a special exhibition at the Town Hall in October last year. The glare was awful so I didn’t really get any great pictures, but I did get a couple of overall pics of the layout, which you can see to the left, (you can also select the image, which links back to my Instagram post about it).

As well as books, I have attended many theatre performances based around Lewis Carroll’s characters. I love it that much apparently.

I of course have some fan art & even some prints of the original drawings. One of my biggest prizes is my Alice themed fabrics & fabrics that remind me of Lewis Carroll’s stories. You might have seen some of those fabrics in masks, hanging towels, aprons, bookmarks, bags & other things over the years. I am also working on some scrappie critters which will encompass more of my favourite parts of the story. Some will have noticed some scrappies with mushrooms on them of late, which refers back to my own images of wonderland, pretty cool eh?

Happy Birthday Alice! I think it’s wonderful that Lewis Carroll immortalised you in the stories he penned so long ago.

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