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Many people are curious about my alias twoemu & what the story is behind it, so I thought it was time to do a post.

The name twoemu (which is always written in lowercase and as one word) refers to the initials of my maiden name E M W. When you say those letters it sounds like;
E M “double u”
thus two u’s = w
yada, yada, yada = twoemu ~ ta-dah!

Why lowercase? Well, that’s just thats way that it’s always been & although we are always taught that names MUST be capitalised, I like to go against the norm & in this case I can. Although, FB won’t let you do it for pages, which is somewhat annoying. 🙃

The name is quite simple & unique which I like & came about in a brainstorming session with my other half, when I was looking at creating an alias to use online & went from there. Many have come up with their own theories as to the meaning behind twoemu, but in reality it has nothing to do with the fact that I have two kids or that I am part Australian. I also don’t have an emu as a pet, never have & nor do I have any intentions of starting an emu farm. The name is literally as described, a simple play on letters and sounds.

Oh & as far as pronunciation, it’s literally two+emu (without any long pauses in the middle to seperate the words). The word “emu” within twoemu, is pronounced the Australian way ee-mew. It was never intended to be pronounced the North American way where you moo like a cow. As funny as it is to hear people incorporate a mooing sound into a word, it’s really not right. 🤣

So there you go, now you know.

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