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Scrappies for R & F

I love making my scrappies, always have, from the first time I was asked to make something unique & the idea was born, to now.

Not only, are the scrappies I make, an expression of myself (anything you make always holds a part of you in it, whether you realize it or not) but, I sometimes get requests for custom makes to reflect their adopted owners as well.

R approached me a little while ago to make a couple for her & her partner F. As with any custom request, I asked for a little bit of information & R responded with a lovely table of information that contained a wealth of info. I then used that list to brainstormed ideas & consulted my bins of scraps, assessing what worked together, until I settled on something I felt matched their personalities.

For F’s scrappie critter I focused on black & white colours (New Zealand pride), the colour blue (fav colour), a love of dogs (the scrap of ribbon I had was just long enough), and rainbows (representing LBGTI+ pride). The two hearts are in reference to the relationship that F & R share.

For R’s scrappie critter I focused on favourite colours (purple, teal & emerald green) and a love of nature. I really loved the flower, that I had to attach. The scrap for the face had a nice shape to it & the flower sits perfectly in that little space.

Both scrappie critters have butterfly loops for ears (or antenna) as a nod to connections to the Deaf community. Butterflies are a symbol of the Deaf community, because they’re deaf. I had enough purple ribbon for both of them, which is more of an obvious link that both scrappies share, just as R&F share an obvious connection.

Thank you to R for the privilege of making these for yourself & F, they really were a lot of fun. I love that the creation of each of these scrappies is a puzzle of sorts. My scrappie critters have a certain style to them, but they are also very unique, which adds to their charm both as the maker & to those who receive one.

If you would like me to make one (or more) of these for you, please let me know.

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