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After fixing a recent issue with my site & then noticing how little I post on here, I have decided it’s time for a change.

In the past I’ve tried to be fairly selective with the creativity that I share, but then there are huge droughts in posts & what fun is that? I certainly create more than I am posting, so it’s time to share more of it & honestly, I like the idea of having the ability to look back on it. If others like it cool, if not, no worries.

There will likely be a few creative posts that crop up with the kidlets too. Now, that we are on the homeschooling journey (due to COVID) there’s a fair amount of my creative time that focuses around the kidlets, so there should be a good mix of creativity beyond my typical posts that focus around fibre arts.

So, welcome to this extended journey. I hope that you enjoy the ride. I know I will 🙂

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